Khans of Tarkir Countdown Day: 7 – Temur’s Ferocious Savagery


TemurTemur’s color wedge are GUR, with G as its primary focus. The following Temur color cards have been spoiled so far:


Temur CardsThe keyword action Ferocious is associated with Temur. The following cards with Ferocious have been spoiled so far:Ferocious Cards


Temur emphasis on power, and they reward people who do. Ferocious rewards players who cast spells with additional abilities when they have a creature with power 4 or greater. This will provide a great incentive to players to build a quality board quickly, as the snowballs quickly.

At first impression, Surrak Dragonclaw will probably be the de facto leader to go for as a finisher bomb that demands answer. Savage Knuckleblade is another quality creature that demands respect!


The quality of creatures are immense, but how do you feel they will contribute to the metagame? Share with us your thoughts by commenting below.

Khans of Tarkir Countdown Day: 8 – Mardu’s Speedy Raid


Mardu‘s color wedge are RWB, with R as its primary focus. The following Mardu color cards have been spoiled so far:

Mardu Cards

The keyword action Raid is associated with Mardu. The following cards with Raid have been spoiled so far:

Raid Cards

Mardu emphasis on speed. That is an understatement but one that best describes the clan. A quick glance leaves the impression that Mardu rewards player with extreme tight plays turn by turn, especially rewarding if you continue to flood the board with turns and turns of creatures. Raid is probably the keyword action with the easiest access in the set, dealing with an action that most decks are required to do on an every turn basis – attack.

Crackling Doom could turns out to be the Removal of the format, damaging opponent and forcing them to sacrifice potentially their best creature on board. It might yet resolve the issue of burn decks having little to no access to cards that grants that card advantage in the Standard Format.


How do you feel Mardu cards will scape the metagame? Share with us your thoughts by commenting below.

Khans of Tarkir Countdown Day: 9 – Sultai’s Ruthless Delve


SultaiSultai‘s color wedge are BGU, with B as its primary focus. The following Sultai color cards have been spoiled so far:Sultai Cards

The keyword action Delve is associated with Sultai. The following cards with Delve have been spoiled so far:Delve Cards

The first impression of Sultai is that it continues the BG tradition of dredge and graveyard emphasis abilities. Delve allows higher cost spells to be cast ahead of the curve by tweaking their cmc via exiling cards from Graveyard. Sultai’s Ascendancy speaks out greatly – Pseudo-Scry 2 which can be used to fuel Delve and other dredge concepts cannot be taken lightly!


How do you feel Sultai cards will shake the new metagame? Share with us your thoughts by commenting below.

Khans of Tarkir Countdown Day: 10 – Jeskai’s Cunning Prowess

JeskaiJeskai‘s color wedge are URW, with U as its primary focus. The following Jeskai color cards have been spoiled so far:Jeskai Cards

The keyword action Prowess is associated with Jeskai. The following cards with Prowess have been spoiled so far:Prowess

The first impression that Jeskai gives is that it rides on U tradition of having plenty of non-destruction combat tricks. Card drawing, untapping and granting Lifelink to creatures have been spoiled so far. It is exciting to note that Mantis Rider will probably become a powerhouse 3 drop in the limited formats, if not in constructed.

Playing against Jeskai is surely going to keep you on the edge of your seat as the wide range of Combat tricks coming your way serves to up the difficulty of your game.

How do you feel about the overall Jeskai prowess so far? Share with us your thoughts by commenting below.

Edit: 10th September – Added image of Jeskai Charm and Pearl Lake Ancient

Khans of Tarkir Countdown Day: 11 – Abzan’s Outlasting Endurance


Abzan‘s color wedge are WBG, with W as its primary focus. The following Abzan color cards have been spoiled so far:Abzan Cards

The keyword action Outlast is associated with Abzan. The following cards with Outlast have been spoiled so far:Outlast Cards


The first impression of Abzan is that it continues the W tradition of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. It features heavily on abilities that grants +1/+1 counter on creatures using Outlast and similar effects, while gaining additional advantage when you do.

The overall flavor seems to favor a build inclined towards hardcasting and protecting a creature while outlasting your opponent in an endurance race.

Creatures like Ainok Bond-Kin and Herald of Anafenza demands answers quickly before they start to generate an overwhelming advantage, while Anafenza, the Foremost and Ivorytusk Fortress reap the benefit.

How do you feel about the overall Abzan flavor? Share with us your thoughts by commenting below.

9th September – Included image of Siege Rhino
10th September – Included image of Abzan Battle Priest


Khans of Tarkir Countdown Day: 12 – Wedge, Morph, Wedgelands and Fetchlands reprinted

To help assimilate the voluminous amount of information related to Khans of Tarkir, we will be breaking them down in a daily countdown to the Prerelease Weekend.

As you probably know, Khans of Tarkir expansion will be based on 3-Color Wedges, each has their own primary focus color.

KTK Wedges
Clan Wedges of Khans of Tarkir

Morph returns in the expansion. The following cards spoiled so far have Morph:Morph Cards


To support the wedges, the following Wedgelands will be included:

Wedge Lands

To put icing on the cake, Onslaught Fetchlands are reprinted:


12 more days to Khans of Tarkir Prerelease, how excited are you about it?!

9th September –  Included image of Ashcloud Phoenix
10th September – Included image of more Morph Cards

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