Khans of Tarkir Countdown Day: 12 – Wedge, Morph, Wedgelands and Fetchlands reprinted

To help assimilate the voluminous amount of information related to Khans of Tarkir, we will be breaking them down in a daily countdown to the Prerelease Weekend.

As you probably know, Khans of Tarkir expansion will be based on 3-Color Wedges, each has their own primary focus color.

KTK Wedges
Clan Wedges of Khans of Tarkir

Morph returns in the expansion. The following cards spoiled so far have Morph:Morph Cards


To support the wedges, the following Wedgelands will be included:

Wedge Lands

To put icing on the cake, Onslaught Fetchlands are reprinted:


12 more days to Khans of Tarkir Prerelease, how excited are you about it?!

9th September –  Included image of Ashcloud Phoenix
10th September – Included image of more Morph Cards

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